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November 30, 2006

My five year old attracts more traffic than these guys!

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My eldest daughter Alex knows nothing about blogging (yet 🙂 )

And, to be really honest, Nick Wilson at Performance.com DOES offer some really useful tips on generating more traffic using  The Art of Linkbaiting. And his commentors provide some really useful tips too.

I can only hope he will forgive me for lying in my headline, to try and prove his point.

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How Performancing gave me a double boost for free

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I was about to write a post to tell you about a great article…

Then I suddenly thought, hey, I can try that great new add-on I have just put into my browser.

Two clicks later here I am, and BOTH of these great value items came from the same people … Performancing.com

November 29, 2006

A FeedBurner expert already?

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“Yeh, I knew that all along – I was just testing you!”, he says, lying unconvincingly to cover up his shame. However I can now say that I DO know a little bit more about FeedBurner, and why it is worth using them to republish your feed.

If you are reading this in your web browser, with “wordpress” in the address bar URL, and “archives” and “categories” down the left hand side you are reading this blog via the wordpress web pages. FeedBurner is not massively relevant in these cases.

If however, you are using an RSS or Atom feed reader, a news agregator, or a service from Google, Yahoo or the like, then you are reading from the FEED, and that is what gets “burned”.


November 28, 2006

Why did you have to go and do a thing like that?

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I have just set this blog to go through FeedBurner…

…because I vaguely remember someone suggesting I should…

Don’t remember who…

Don’t remember why…

Even after reading the FeedBurner site and watching their video I’m still not really sure why!


Anyhow, enough depressive uncertainty! The newly “burned” feed for this blog is http://feeds.feedburner.com/LearningToNetwork – I expect I will have to make some little tweaks to this site to adapt it to be optimised with feedburner. And I kind of hope that in all this tinkering I will finally get to understand what it can really do for me, and how, and whether it was really worth the effort 😉

November 27, 2006

Better when you can put a face to the name

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I’ve noticed how reassuring it is, when writing to someone, to be able to picture their face. It can be nice to associate a writer’s image with their text, but it seems especially important when having a conversation by textual exchange. This came home to me the other day, when a contact “accidentally” replied to me using a signature that included his photo. It suddenly dawned upon me that people don’t only paste up their photo to bolster their own ego, but to encourage more familiarity with the people they work with, but never meet. (more…)

Three reasons why I just got FireFox

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As I write, another window on my computer is downloading a new browser from  www.getfirefox.com

I finally considered dumping the browser (kindly bundled onto my desktop to avoid me having to think) because I have increasingly been thinking “how can I … ?” do all sorts of new things since starting to have a richer interaction with the online world. Even though I am capable of writing reasonable code, I have never felt that Internet Explorer was inviting me to truly take control, whereas, straight away, the FireFox site was telling me myriad ways I could bend it to do just what I want.

The events leading to this choice have been:


Why would you want to create Lenses on Squidoo?

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I will admit to you that until 10 minutes ago I had heard of neither Squidoo nor what a lens is (in this context). I was intrigued when Newspapergrl said she wanted to build 8 pages there, and my curiosity peaked when someone commented to ask what she wanted to use the lenses for.

I went to visit the site’s FAQto understand what they did and in just a few paragraphs it became clear. What appealed to me was that you can create your own content and mash it up with a mixture of other people’s from various sources. OK, so they sell the fact that you can earn revenue from clicks by creating your own lens on the online world, and even create several on different topic, but I must admit I liked the idea purely from a creative point of view.

Here’s an excellent example of what you can get from visiting a lens someone else has created. http://www.squidoo.com/blogstarter/ is Rajesh Setty’s “Blogging Starter Checklist”.

I’m not sure when I’ll find time to explore lens creation, but very useful to know they’re there, even as a reader 🙂

November 22, 2006

More sound reasons for you to be confident

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A comment by Jonathan Meath to an “old” post of mine (two weeks ago is ancient history for this blog! 🙂 ) has made me think more about the confidence and positivity.

He made the point that confidence is important not just in business dealings, but in communications in general. Thinking more about this, in the light of my recent experience, I have realised that there are even more reasons to use a positive tone in communication.


November 21, 2006

Back under the lens

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So now that I have written a whole load of fantastic reasons why any sane manager would hire me on the spot, this megalomania has overflowed to the point where I am now happy to publish it to a FAR wider audience. I have made my LinkedIn profile public at http://www.linkedin.com/in/arthurmgallagher

Surely those of you out there with a sense of humour will get some kicks out of the fact that the meek, humble me from a couple a weeks ago was circumspect about ANY wider readership whatsoever, whereas the new devil-may-care self-absorbed king of a very little heap indeed is shouting his own praises merrily from the parapet.

Gosh, won’t it be embarassing for Mr Humblechops if New-super-dynamic-enlightened-positivism-man manages to get himself the job of his dreams! Still, Mr Humblechops will be happy to see that the mortgage will get paid at last!

November 20, 2006

Why my systematic approach increases your probability of delivering excellent results:

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I’m not sure on reflection if its all that snappy, but that is the “headline” I have given to the new personal profile section at the head of my CV, under my name and my professional description as a Consulting Information Architect.

I distilled these points out of what I felt were the important features of my work experience, along with what I came up with in the shower the other day, then spend a good day and a half struggling to come up with business benefits for each.

Here is the resulting copy (he says posting squeamishly at arms length in case this will ever explode in his face one day 😉 )


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