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November 7, 2006

Linking deeper

Filed under: LinkedIn, Manage my network — Arthur M. Gallagher @ 4:48 pm

Whew what a day of progress on LinkedIn.

I sent out my first Invite to an ex-colleague, and followed this up with a recommendation for him (David Farbey http://www.linkedin.com/in/informationdesign). Whilst browsing his other recommendations, I came across a few names of old “friends” from when we worked together. Admittedly some of these I would come out anyhow, once I get around to mounting all the work connections I already have, but some of them I could well have overlooked. Already I can see the advantages of using a tool like this.

In order to add the recomendation I needed to add a position to my profile, so I put in the one where we worked together. Whilst doing this I discovered about searching for people at the company – interesting to see the names on that roll, at all sorts of levels of grade.

Now I am really starting to understand the power of networking, providing you want to start to get pro-active in your future career path. It may not open doors for me, but at least I will know where to find the doors to knock on. Of course all of this does underline the importance of self-marketing, and knowing how to position my profile so that it gets noticed by the kind of people who are likely to be able to get value out of my skills – also so that when I knock on the door, they like the look of me enough to actually bother opening it to speak to me.

Wow! I couldn’t even think about things in these terms a week ago, and now here I am planning my way forward on the path. I know the time cost has been quite large – I have not been counting, but I estimate 30 hours so far. However I’ve spent at least that long researching some new technological facet on http://msdn.microsoft.com before now, and I’m sure I got less benefit from that – though my employer may disagree 😉 in more ways than one.

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