Learning to network

November 11, 2006

Questioning myself constructively

Filed under: Learning, LinkedIn, Self-marketing — Arthur M. Gallagher @ 10:31 am

So far I have been at a bit of a loss on how to market myself properly – I haven’t been able to get past that “traditional CV” view of my experience history. Well, just to prove to myself that networking IS intertwined with knowing-thy-self, I have had a mini revelation (well it was news to ME, even if it is obvious to you 😉 ).

I was browsing my network, which is growing slowly but steadily, and having worked on a big programme I was looking up some of my old acquaintences who are currently only 2nd or 3rd degree contacts. I came across someone who I met who has now moved on to a project that sounds like something I could help with.

The value from this comes because its close enough to my field of experience, but different from what I have actually done. I guess this is because we were both doing similar things 2 years ago, but of course our paths have diverged slightly since then. So this gives me the chance to think “how could I help him with what he’s up to now?”, and this in turn lead to a short statement about what I could bring.

I may be embarrassed, one day, for posting this in its rough and ready state, but I will share the statement with you…

Turning ideas of how to improve processes into information systems that work and take the effort out of daily chores

Of course I can see room for refinement already, but I include it just for completeness’ sake.

You were the inspiration for this post, Richard Tilley, so you get the credit and the thanks. And I’m not just saying that because I might call you one day to ask for a favour 😀


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