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November 14, 2006

Enough extroversion, we need introspection!

Filed under: Self-marketing, TTD — Arthur M. Gallagher @ 12:33 pm

Since starting this quest two weeks ago, many things are already well under way. I am gradually building up a network of quality contacts from past colleagues and close friends. I am learning to share my experiences in a way that will attract more knowledge for myself. But am I any closer to nailing down my dream job? Well, actually, no! Not unless I can define what the dream job is, and what qualities and experience I have that make me perfect for it!

The next item looming large on my list of things to do is focusing myself (and subsequently my CV) on what I am good at and what roles I want to get. I will admit to you it is so large, its actually a bit scary, and maybe that’s why I’ve been putting it off. But I can no longer avoid it. I have come across some useful sources of ideas recently, but foolishly not noted them. Prompted today by a fellow colleague with itchy feet, I am going to note some here…

  • Guerrilla Job Hunting has a host of short articles that will give you fresh and useful ideas for your personal marketing. Sometimes a little too short, merely whetting the appetite, but good for starters.
  • The Networking chapter in the MBA Toolboxstarts off with a few useful sections on self-marketing, although it focuses on networking afterwards. An achievements file sounds difficult to write, but I feel sure that it will be valuable.
  • C.M.Russell’s Secrets Of The Job Huntdoes have a few useful tips and links, but without categories it is not easy to unearth specific materials on how to market yourself.

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