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November 17, 2006

Look for your ideal job

Filed under: Self-marketing, think positive, TTD — Arthur M. Gallagher @ 1:46 am

Just over three weeks ago I was talking to a project manager I have worked for on several occasions. I was kind of hoping he was going to say “well, I have this new job for you!“, and if not I was expecting to say “so, have you got a new job for me?“. In the end we actually talked about what have been the good and bad extremes of companies we have worked for. From this we went on to describe some of the attributes that would make a perfect company to work for.

Although I was disappointed with the outcome at the time, I think that that was a kind of turning point. A realisation dawned upon me, and there were two sides to it:

  • I could not continue to rely on past bosses calling me up to offer me more work
  • If I could manage to articulate what kind of company I really wanted to work in, it would be much easier to find work in a company like that

A week later I was beginning this current quest – to design myself the perfect job whilst developing my network to the point where I had enough good contacts to improve my chances of find it. I may be lucky, as often in the past, that it comes to find me. But if not, then at least now I have a strategy, and plenty of ideas of specific steps I can use to bring myself closer to success.

I think that David Perry sums up some very clear steps, to research and discover the following:

  1. Which are your marketable skills?
  2. Which industries/companies you should target that use those skills?
  3. What are the specific needs of each company in your target market?
  4. Who’s in a position to hire you in those companies?
  5. What’s the best way to approach them?

A month ago this seemed like something that I couldn’t be bothered with, only for other people. Now it seems to me to be both obvious and necessary – like duh! Thanks, however, David putting it so succinctly.


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