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November 18, 2006

Use marketing copy because your resume will sell you

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I have decided to bin the old idea of a Curriculum Vitae (Latin for “the course of my career”) because there is no point in listing the jobs I have done and the responsibilities I have had. What I need to have now is a Résumé (French for summary), which summarises the benefits I can bring to a prospective client. 

I have been encouraged, by seeing award wining resume samples, that I can expand on the “introductory sentence or two”, and have chosen to go for the following structure:

  • Name and email
  • Strapline declaring that the reason my work stands above others is not merely because of my experience but because of my approach.
  • 6-10 bullet points that summarise my approach and its benefits
  • Language skills (add to my uniqueness)
  • List of roles I have had, focusing on unique characteristics of each role, and describing certain benefits I brought or achievements I managed
  • List of technologies at the bottom, just coz some people ask for it
  • Address, date of birth, other necessary information

After spending quite some time poking around the various articles in copyblogger.com, I have realised that my strapline could maybe get some value from the advice on headlines (although I still do not feel that any of the “swipe book” templates are serious enough to engage my prospects).

More importantly, my approach summary needs to clearly demonstrate benefits, and some of the Copywriting 101 articles, especially Now Featuring Benefits! have encouraged me in ways to do this.

I guess there is a risk I might overdo the sales pitch, but I guess I have to try if I am going to learn the acceptable limits


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  1. Just in case I change my mind on swipe files in the future (goodness me, am I selling out completely here 😉 ) I am saving this link to a large free online swipe file for ad copy. Simply fill out the registration form at http://www.hardtofindads.com/ in enough detail to convince the donor, Michael Senoff, that he should give you access, and he’ll let you see it for free.

    Comment by artemgy — November 18, 2006 @ 10:07 pm

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