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November 20, 2006

Why my systematic approach increases your probability of delivering excellent results:

Filed under: Self-marketing — Arthur M. Gallagher @ 9:52 pm

I’m not sure on reflection if its all that snappy, but that is the “headline” I have given to the new personal profile section at the head of my CV, under my name and my professional description as a Consulting Information Architect.

I distilled these points out of what I felt were the important features of my work experience, along with what I came up with in the shower the other day, then spend a good day and a half struggling to come up with business benefits for each.

Here is the resulting copy (he says posting squeamishly at arms length in case this will ever explode in his face one day 😉 )

  • Engaging challenges methodically enables you to plan forward then measure progress

  • Delving inside business requirements focuses the solution on your real issues

  • Defining processes and standards validates that deliverables truly meet your needs

  • Sharing information in plain language allows all stakeholders to participate and contribute

  • Choosing suitable practices and patterns turns complex risk into coherent efficiency

  • Auditing design decisions from requirement to implementation makes change quantifiable

  • Documenting procedures and outcomes reduces reliance on individuals

  • Building mechanical and automated deliverables reduces operational & support costs

  • A thorough grasp of technologies means any issue can be cracked given resources

  • Fostering innovation over assumption with space to question & learn promotes excellence

  • Using enthusiasm and positive energy extends the limits of what’s possible

Hmmm – I wonder whether this will have CIOs banging down my door? Or will it simply condemn me to working neither in the IT industry again, nor the advertising copywriting industry either?

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