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November 29, 2006

A FeedBurner expert already?

Filed under: Publishing, Social Media, Technologies — Arthur M. Gallagher @ 12:56 pm

“Yeh, I knew that all along – I was just testing you!”, he says, lying unconvincingly to cover up his shame. However I can now say that I DO know a little bit more about FeedBurner, and why it is worth using them to republish your feed.

If you are reading this in your web browser, with “wordpress” in the address bar URL, and “archives” and “categories” down the left hand side you are reading this blog via the wordpress web pages. FeedBurner is not massively relevant in these cases.

If however, you are using an RSS or Atom feed reader, a news agregator, or a service from Google, Yahoo or the like, then you are reading from the FEED, and that is what gets “burned”.

FeedBurner offer ways to make your blog posts available via the greatest variety of reading services and clients. They offer you ways to publicise your own feed, creating tools that link into it and will encourage people to subscribe. And they offer statistics that will help you understand who accesses your feed, how and why.

Once you appreciate the fact that people might stumble across your feed via the webpage, but they are most likely to consume your content via a feed reader, then that opens you up to the individual ideas in FeedBurner. What’s more is you ask the can pick and choose which individual granular features you you want to turn on or off.


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  1. […] Fortunately the guys over at Feedburner had preempted my question, and had I known what I was doing I would already have set up my blog properly. Oh darn it, you spotted that I was exagerating when I said I was A FeedBurner expert already. […]

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