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December 30, 2006

Why blogging is perfect for transparent architects

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I guess I need to qualify the title by explaining that transparency is one of my fundamental professional maxims. There are many people in the IS industry who make a career from performing great feats of prestigitation, which mystify and awe their audiences. I think that computers are already hard enough for most of us, without needing clouding peoples’ minds any further with illusions of obscurity.

I personally feel that businesses and staff benefit more by making it easier to follow what is going on. And what’s more, clearly noting down all the import steps and reasons is a great way of avoiding my sketchy memory from failing me at critical moments, especially when I come back to projects that I have been away from for eternities (a few weeks is already a long time for my synapses).

Anyhow I was trying to explain why blogging is a great byproduct of an IS architects’ daily work.



December 29, 2006

Cut to the chase

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I was drawn to the LifeHacker blog by their concept of “[recommending technologies] that actually save time. Don’t live to geek; geek to live”. Given my current drive to be more organised AND more productive (despite the contradictory forces involved, especially WHILST being innovative) I found the following article particularly relevant:
Lifehacker Book Preview, Chapter 8: Kickstart Your Productivity – Lifehacker

You can actually browse much of the content of their book by following the index they provide online, but I guess many people prefer to keep the serialised materials on blocks of paper in their pockets.

I thank Brydon Gilliss of http://shiftmode.com/ for opening my eyes to this great blog, as well as to the value of Bloglines. It is not JUST a handy online RSS client (ideal for hotdesktoppers like me) but also a neat way of being able to share your blogroll in a way that helps your blog readers understand where you are coming from.

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Why did I become a multiblogging host slut?

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Information Dynamics sounds like a real conversation stopper. This is, however, the best title I have found so far to encompass the field I have been growing more interested in over the past year or three. I have had such a bee in my bonnet for the last few weeks that I have decided I need to do some more serious research. Realising that my “Learning to Network” model of

  1. tracing my voyage,
  2. creating an audit history of interesting discoverys, and
  3. sharing them with whoever might be interested

actually works well, I have decided to create a new blog dedicated to the new subject.

The big question is “Where should I host my new blog?”

December 28, 2006

Who says “Cheaters never prosper”?

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Having learned plenty from LinkedIn related forums and groups, I thought I would investigate those more aligned to Xing (ex-OpenBC). As in all research this leads to many more page-impressions than to revelations, but it was worthwhile to come across the following gem.

I have come across many lists of networking tips, but this one is comprehensive and I relate to almost everything in it. Sacred Cow Dung: CHEATER’S GUIDE TO LINKEDIN v 0.1. Thanks to Christian Mayaud for sharing these with us (and to Vincent Wright for bringing it to my attention).

PS: I am still wavering over “open networking” (as opposed to my currently chosen path of quality connections only”) but perhaps I will reconsider as I try to use my connections for more specific purposes.

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December 22, 2006

Zero Effort Networking (part II)

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Following on from my previous post (How to keep tabs on your network with almost zero effort) here is an explanation of just how easy it is to set up a group to help you with your networking.

If you remember, I decided to create what those networking pros call “an alumni group”. In plain terms we invite the people we worked with on a major project, and subsequently our colleagues in the same company, to join a mail list to help each other keep in touch. Setting up the group is a real doddle, so I won’t dwell on it here – go to Yahoo! Groups, sign in with your Yahoo ID, create a new group and choose the type (in my case Business & Finance > Companies > Former Employees).

The real fun is in the creative bits – the name and some basic materials.

Most Wanted!

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I know the photo is not the most becoming I could have taken, but I guesed it was about time I showed my readership (yeh, both of you 😉 ) the face behind the words.

MugShot.AMG.2006 12 01 Dec

December 9, 2006

Choosing the right mike

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In my local computer store the other day I was browsing for a stereo headset with a mike. I suddenly realised I was not equipped with enough knowledge to make an informed choice, so held back until doing some research.

My 2.1 speakers kick the music out nicely, and with my little cheapo boundary mike sitting under my screen I can happily skype away to distant friends and colleagues. However, I thought it would be good to be able to switch over to a more private and intimate chat, from time to time, and I am planning on starting to record audio streams ready for podcasting, and didn’t want to pick up so much ambient noise on my tracks.

Fortunately I found some excellent advice on the Web Audio Advisor site. (more…)

December 6, 2006

7 simple steps to share your soul safely

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(I am still drafting this post – please excuse any hiccups)

One day this paragraph will magically turn into a short but irrefutably compelling piece of prose that will convince you that even your pet dog should be writing regularly to a web log. Then you will be ready to dive into the steps I offer below.


December 5, 2006

How to keep tabs on your network with almost zero effort

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It has been great having an excuse to get back in touch with ex-colleagues – rekindling fond memories of fun projects, and catching up with who’s doing what now. When I have told people I am putting the effort into strengthening my network, almost everybody has admired that I am doing this, replying positively about my effort, but sheepishly admitting that they would like to manage to get around to doing this themselves, but never seem to find the time.

Well – my scheming subconcious has gone and found yet another way to delegate mundane activities to these computers we are so fond of using! I am going to automate my network’s information flow, and enable everybody to keep in touch with everyone they want to. Does this sound complex? Actually, the solution could not be simpler…


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