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December 5, 2006

How to keep tabs on your network with almost zero effort

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It has been great having an excuse to get back in touch with ex-colleagues – rekindling fond memories of fun projects, and catching up with who’s doing what now. When I have told people I am putting the effort into strengthening my network, almost everybody has admired that I am doing this, replying positively about my effort, but sheepishly admitting that they would like to manage to get around to doing this themselves, but never seem to find the time.

Well – my scheming subconcious has gone and found yet another way to delegate mundane activities to these computers we are so fond of using! I am going to automate my network’s information flow, and enable everybody to keep in touch with everyone they want to. Does this sound complex? Actually, the solution could not be simpler…

I have been working on a clever scheme to define the structure, composition and rules for group communication channels (more of that anther time). When I tried to define the problem of my chums network ing without wasting their valuable time, I suddenly realised that the solution was not a fancy bespoke computer system, nor a cutting edge web 2.0 social networking service, it was a communication solution older than the world-wide-web itself – a humble email list.

Just think, I want to allow only a select group of individuals to contribute and recieve information that they may be interested in reading, but without making the reading a chore. I have created a Yahoo group, and this allows subscribers to choose whether they get individual emails, semi-regular summary mails, or whether they consult the list contents via the web on demand, only when they really feel the need for the info.

<this post is kind of incomplete, but I didn’t want the important bits to gather dust – will try to finish it v. soon 🙂 >


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