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December 22, 2006

Most Wanted!

Filed under: Publishing, Self-marketing — Arthur M. Gallagher @ 5:37 pm

I know the photo is not the most becoming I could have taken, but I guesed it was about time I showed my readership (yeh, both of you 😉 ) the face behind the words.

MugShot.AMG.2006 12 01 Dec

Actually, seeing as I have subjected you to that shock, I may as well add something of value…

After reading through the tips I mentioned in my previous article (Better when you can put a face to the name) I had a few thoughts about what kind of photos I would like to be able to use, and came up with the following. Maybe a professional portrait photographer might be able to suggest something better but it is a starting point…

Portrait requirements

Images for three prime personas (and maybe one for good luck) – here are some initial ideas…

Business Development
Suited, classic setting, sitting (at desk?) and listening sincerely
more chilled but smart, standing confidently in front of sky or sunrise background, excited by some imagined plan
t-shirt, keyboard in sight, maybe looking over shoulder smiling, hair down (?) maybe me looking up towards camera?
Family man
It will make a change for me to be in front of the camera with my wife and kids, but it might be difficult to compose anything with the four little ones. This one is optional for now – it can wait until I have a specific purpose in mind

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  1. Hey, Arthur, it’s not such a bad picture, but some of your portrait concepts are really good. Send me an email jpeg of any chosen picture and I’ll rework it for you in Photoshop, of which I’m quite adept. Won’t cost you anything but a commitment to an ongoing friendship. Please feel comfortable to do this.

    Comment by hopestone — December 28, 2006 @ 9:04 pm

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