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December 30, 2006

Why blogging is perfect for transparent architects

Filed under: creative, Publishing — Arthur M. Gallagher @ 3:10 am

I guess I need to qualify the title by explaining that transparency is one of my fundamental professional maxims. There are many people in the IS industry who make a career from performing great feats of prestigitation, which mystify and awe their audiences. I think that computers are already hard enough for most of us, without needing clouding peoples’ minds any further with illusions of obscurity.

I personally feel that businesses and staff benefit more by making it easier to follow what is going on. And what’s more, clearly noting down all the import steps and reasons is a great way of avoiding my sketchy memory from failing me at critical moments, especially when I come back to projects that I have been away from for eternities (a few weeks is already a long time for my synapses).

Anyhow I was trying to explain why blogging is a great byproduct of an IS architects’ daily work.

I’m afraid I am going to shatter the facade of how specialised a task it is to design complex information systems. At the end of the day architectural roles are actually surprisingly mundane (even if we are privileged by getting more than our fair share of “euraka!” moments in our daily routines). Once we are sure that the business analysis has throroughly gotten a grasp on the true requirements from our stakeholders, the bread and butter of architecture revolves around

  • researching
  • reading
  • understanding
  • filtering
  • regurgitating
  • repackaging
  • summarising
  • presenting (either to highly technical or very ‘simple’ management audiences)

Well blow me if those aren’t very familiar undertakings for many operators in the blogosphere. And of course, if you sport the “transparency” team colours , its a very natural and logical step to record your major milestones in some kind of professional journal, providing of course your managers share your passion for candour and accountability. Most important of all, once you’ve gone through all the above chores , posting an extract from your materials should be a fairly quick affair.

Its almost as if blogs were designed especially as a solution to fit OUR requirements! Well, that’s the excuse I’m sticking to 🙂

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