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January 1, 2007

Autodiscovery? – so I have to tell someone my Feeds are Burned!

Filed under: Publishing, Social Media, Technologies — Arthur M. Gallagher @ 4:39 am

Proudly sporting my new Bloglines account, I though I would try sampling a little of my own dogfood, and see how my own blog appears to their users. Just as well I did, because all was not as automatic as I had hoped. When I added other blogs’ URLs in as new feeds, I was often presented with a whole host of choices of which feed I wanted to drink from.

I was disappointed to see that this blog did not offer me the same depth of choice, and that my Feedburner alternative was nowhere to be seen!

Fortunately the guys over at Feedburner had preempted my question, and had I known what I was doing I would already have set up my blog properly. Oh darn it, you spotted that I was exagerating when I said I was
A FeedBurner expert already.

Anyhow, the answer to my question was Autodiscovery, and the FeedBurner FAQ is quite clear about how I can do it, and offered me a nice simple “copy and paste this” peice of code.

To Blogger’s credit, for the new blog I have set up over there, it was also quite easy to find where to put it. Unders Settings / Site Feeds, the Feed Item Footer field was very clearly marked for “third-party feed additions you can enter the code here”.

WordPress, on the other hand, has had me scrabbling about a bit more, and so far I have yet to crack it. I have dropped a little widget on the sidebar with a link to feedburner, but the Bloglines does not auto discover that. The Feedburner site has a WordPress software FAQ, but only for self-hosted sites (not for tightwads like me who use WordPress.com to host for them).

Darn it! It was supposed to be simple, but was that all not just too good to be true?


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