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January 31, 2007

Writing copy is starting to come more naturally

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Having completed the latest rework of my CV (feels more like painting the Forth Bridge than writing a Resume) I decided it was time to fill out my Xing Profile better, and start exploring this alternative networking tool. I have filled in more of the useful sections of my XING profile, although I do not yet have a suitable business portrait to upload.

Whilst browsing around I came across the Freelance Projects Exchange forum, and decided to post myself in the “searching for projects” board. Now I have no idea what the chances are of this post being found, but the most fascinating thing for me was the way I wrote the post. Perhaps all of the tips on copywriting (like putting yourself in the other persons shoes) are finally starting to pay off

And this time it didn’t feel like “plucking up the courage to sell myself”, it was more the case of “what would I want to know, if I was looking for someone like me”. I looked at “My 12 step approach to delivering excellent systems”, and just started writing a short dialogue off the top of my head. Here’s what I came up with…

I design information systems that make your business work

“It can be difficult to understand why businesses are asking to implement new systems”
…. That’s why I engage with clients to interpret and capture what they really want to achieve

“It can be complex to plan and design systems that will work in dynamic, demanding business environments”
…. I enjoy making it simple, transparent and flexible by reusing practices, communicating clearly and leaving traces

“Its all very well having clever ideas but its not always easy to deliver what was promised”
…. I avoid risk by building on quality to deliver full project outputs, technical automation and configuration management

“But there are some things that just seem to hard to achieve”
…. I strive for excellence through innovation, deep technical skills and a positive enthusiasm that can make great things

“Sounds interesting, I’d like to find out more about what you do”
…. Please take a look at my resume – http:/etc

I was quite pleased with the way I came straight up with the “description of the current problem” to which each of my “reasons why I’m the answer you’re looking for” was a natural answer. I still feel I have quite a way further to go on this, but even if I don’t yet have have all the answers, I am at least starting to come up with some more relevant questions.

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