Learning to network

February 5, 2007

Market to the eyes, not to the fingers

Filed under: Publishing, Self-marketing, TTD — Arthur M. Gallagher @ 7:40 pm

When I first set this blog up I clearly had a very different mindset. I guess I was used to finding neat abbreviations that meant something, yet did not take too long to type out. Since then I have clued in to the fact that only geeks or morons type out any kind of URL by hand, and the rest of humanity use the venerable click to reach their destination. And what I have noticed myself is that the eye is in almost complete control of the arm-move-finger-click reflex (except when strong passions pull rank, or small children and pets arrive at the desk).

I have just read my own signature (it is healthy to check your own reflection, from time to time) and was disappointed by my own lack of branding expertise. Take a look at the following two lines: although they point to the same content, which do you think is clearer, bolder and therefore more likely to draw interest from the pointing finger?

Blog: http://learnet.WordPress.com/
Feed: http://feeds.FeedBurner.com/LearningToNetwork

Maybe a learnet is some kind of bird, a distant cousin to the egret? No? In any case, few people are going leave their eyes there long enough to work out the convoluted abbreviation of learning to network. That’s called learning the hard way!

For some reason I’m suddenly seeing my own work with a very critical eye, and I have also noticed that my chosen WordPress theme does not work so well with multiple blog posts in a single day. The date has higher contrast, and therefore appears more prominent than the title of the post. I don’t know if I will be able to keep up this rate of posting, but I will have to find a way to make the all important copy in the title appear more clearly.

Shucks! If only everybody read the feeds 😉


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