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February 5, 2007

Successful blogging is simple if you keep at it

Filed under: Blogroll, Publishing — Arthur M. Gallagher @ 8:26 pm

SiteProNews published a list of the 10 Blogging Sins that can help you be succesful by avoiding common pitfalls.

10. Sending Mixed Messages
9. Making It Hard to Subscribe
8. Inconsistent Posting
7. No Contact Info
6. Not Moderating Comments
5. Excessive Advertising
4. Not Linking to Posts
3. Dark Background, Light Text
2. No Search Box
1. Hiding Navigation

My defence for committing a couple of these is “well they are not all deadly”, as I am not aiming to do this professionally, nor is my readership extensive. But they are all very sound advice, and there’s no excuse for not starting off on the right foot.

Some other useful tips come from an interview with Robyn Tippins, one of those bloggers who built herself such a good readership that she could turn pro. Amongst the tactics she uses to drive traffic to her site are: “social bookmarking, encouraging subscription, external links (toptensites, gather, squidoo), search engines, commenting on other blogs and linking A LOT to other blogs”

Two of her writing techniques are to keep it regular, and to dedicate specific time to doing it. If you don’t commit to your readers, then how can you expect them to commit to you?


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