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February 6, 2007

Reach out to more readers – fit in with their rhythm

Filed under: Publishing, Self-marketing, Social Media, Technologies — Arthur M. Gallagher @ 9:08 pm

Everybody has their favourite time and place for reading. Some people like to wander gently through crisp web pages, some like readers that aggregate by subject and bring new items to their attention, and others want to get every post slapped in their face via email. We each prefer our own personal rhythm for reading, so we would do well to adapt to the habits of our audience when we write.

You guessed it, I’m talking about that 9th deadly sin, “making it hard to subscribe”. And subscribing is not limited to RSS, but can just as easily apply to email too. It might not be your favourite way to read blogs, but why should you cut off potential readers just because they have not yet gotten the hang of feed readers (or because business pressures have them intavenously attached to their inbox).

When I started blogging the FeedBurner service overwhelmed me – offering me scores of features I couldn’t hope to comprehend, never mind see the benefits for – I just signed up “cos someone told me it was a good idea“. Ok, even now I still need to read some of the words one-syll-a-ble-at-a-time, but I am at least starting to appreciate the myriad ways it improves my blogging. And one such help is FeedBurner Email Subscription.

FeedBlitz also offers a subscription service, and you can use that and others directly from within FeedBurner. I chose to use FeedBurner’s own service for now, to save me having to register for yet another account. As an alternative, Zookoda offers a subscription service with features for collecting together posts and sending them out as daily summaries or monthly newsletters.

In any case, as a talisman to protect me against my sins, I have now updated the subscription section on my sidebar. Do you think it looks inviting enough? Hmmm, I guess you won’t see it if you read my posts via RSS or email – but then that would mean I’d be preaching to the converted.


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  1. The Aweber autoresponder and newsletter service also has Blog Broadcaster, which can turn your RSS stream into emails. However if you only send blog alerts containing a link to the web-based blog article then perhaps you are not quite fitting in with the reader’s own rhythm.

    If someone reads their email regularly offline, for example whilst travelling on planes and trains, then you risk them seeing only the title of your blog article. If you do not offer them the ability to consume the content of your article there and then, you may risk loosing the loyalty of that reader.

    Comment by Arthur M. Gallagher — January 29, 2009 @ 9:27 am

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