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February 8, 2007

I finally know how to introduce myself

Filed under: Manage my network, Self-marketing, Social Media — Arthur M. Gallagher @ 4:56 am

I have just come across something very curious, but oddly enough it really does work. 15SecondPitch is a site with a little five step wizard that guides you through creating yourself a personal introduction. And amazingly enough it comes out just like they promise – concise, compelling and conversational. OK I will admit that the first one I did was only about 80% compelling, but that’s still about 75% more than if I had tried to make one up myself! But I am sure they will only get better as try more, or edit this first one.

One thing I couldn’t understand whilst stepping through the wizard filling in the boxes was “how on earth are they going to turn this into a concise pitch?”. But then, after the 5th step, it displays a simulated business card with the pitch written on it. It was word for word what I had written – my answers from the five steps one after another. Obviously the clever bit is in the way they structure and ask the questions, and it seems to work like magic.

Now the site does have a few other features for “networking” (searching and connecting) between the users. This seems somewhat out of place, in my mind, although I can kind of see why they are trying to do this. I know this sounds like “oh my goodness – yet another profile!” but with powerful little pitches like this, it helps you evaluate the other people on the system very quickly indeed.

Incidentally, they have a “google yourself” box on their homepage and I was amazed to see that my simple name brings up my LinkedIn profile at number 6, and with my middle initial in, I get #1 ranking with my Squidoo lens. Wow, that’s so powerful that I had better get on and put some decent content in there.

But hey, both alternatives of my name give me first page ranking. Who’d have thought it, hey. Personal Branding, here I come 🙂

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