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March 10, 2008

Four top reasons why clients hire Interim Managers

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Executives Online have carried out a recent survey of the UK interim sector. They have included their findings in their New Interim Report, which draws together “Research and Analysis on the UK Market for Interim Management and Other Fast-Track Executive Resourcing”. It supplies an interesting range of facts, figures and evaluations that may be relevant to clients, but which are most definitely very pertinent to people who are looking to place themselves into interim roles.

Benefits of interims

For me, one of the most valuable findings concerned the reasons why clients chose to hire Interim Managers. Executives Online found that over two thirds of clients cited one of the following amongst the most important qualities of interim managers:

  1. Skills/experience for job
  2. Strategic but also implement (sic)
  3. Results focused
  4. Quickly get people on side

The report suggests that clients like to reduce risk by employing someone who’s “done it before” – obviously no great surprise there. However, once you understand the other key qualities clients appreciate, then it makes it easier to emphasise to them that you are capable of delivering.

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  1. […] I was pleased to hear that Executives Online has produced a new update to their Interim Management Report. I first came across this with the 2007 version, and I wrote about that in an old post Four top reasons why clients hire interim managers. […]

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