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January 15, 2009

Do you want your resume to be fancy, or just plain findable?

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I am updating my personal profile and CV, and part of this is my list of Specialities. Naturally I want to create the best possible impression, but perhaps I should actually consider compromising some of my principles.

Because I see my list of specialities as about “doing things”, I think that Verbs make the point most clearly, and I always prefer to use plain language when I can

for example:
 – implementing systems
 – defining requirements

However most people seem to write resumes and job specifications using nouns

 – systems implementation
 – requirement definition

These are not plain language, nor do they have the feeling of action – they are static and staid. Also they are slighty longer and and actually more difficult to get your mouth around if your read them out loud. I just feel that the verb versions are simpler and better.

However, the modern dynamics of curriculum vitae, resumes and profiles is driven by a new imperative, “findability”. It is becoming increasingly rare for a resourcing manager or recruitment consultant to discuss key roles with their contacts or thumb through their rolodex or file of quality personnel. Nowadays it is far more likely that they will search through a series of online resources looking for good keyword matches.

In other words, your online career profile must have good SEO.

You may be able to rely on some of the recruiters’ search portals having sensible thesauruses, but at the end of the day you are more likely to score hits if you include the same precise terms in your profile as the ones that recruiters are looking for.


January 8, 2009

One-trepreneur: running a Company Of One

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Towards the end of last year I considered starting a business. Following some valuable conversations with other entrepreneurs I made the choice to stick at being a company of one, for the time being. The simple reason is that, for now, I choose to place my parental responsibilities higher than any other responsibilities to employees to a larger customer base or to official authorities.

I’m sure you can understand how I could get far more pleasure from teaching my four young children new games, activities and skills, rather than sweating day and night laser-focused on building a successful business. The fact is that right now they’re all at an age where they enjoy and crave my attention, and there’ll be plenty of time for me to think about commercial growth once they’ve all turned into teenagers and turned their backs on uncool old dad.

So I plan to focus on client projects as a skilled individual resource, making a singular commitment as a professional rather than spreading myself as business owner over a wider range of responsibilities. However that does not mean to say that I don’t desire to learn and develop my company of one. In fact there are plenty of areas in direction,marketing and in operations where it is important for me to improve and grow.

That is why I am choosing to be a Onetrepreneur, an enterprising business focused around a single person.

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