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May 29, 2007

Realising the value – THE END of the beginning

On the 19th February my online business networking paid off.

Well, by the time the invoice got sorted it was much later than that, but the point is that an ex-colleague of an ex-colleague to asked meet me, then offered me a busy role that kind of didn’t allow time for learning to network.

Well, I have still carried on networking when feasible, but I have not had time for the luxury of researching and reporting on the topic. However I have learned so much by sharing this experience that I am determined to apply many of the publishing and marketing skills on something that is close enough to my day job to make it compatible and feasible


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February 5, 2007

Successful blogging is simple if you keep at it

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SiteProNews published a list of the 10 Blogging Sins that can help you be succesful by avoiding common pitfalls.

10. Sending Mixed Messages
9. Making It Hard to Subscribe
8. Inconsistent Posting
7. No Contact Info
6. Not Moderating Comments
5. Excessive Advertising
4. Not Linking to Posts
3. Dark Background, Light Text
2. No Search Box
1. Hiding Navigation

My defence for committing a couple of these is “well they are not all deadly”, as I am not aiming to do this professionally, nor is my readership extensive. But they are all very sound advice, and there’s no excuse for not starting off on the right foot.


January 7, 2007

More LinkedIn tips from innumerate experts

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Yet again the promise of ten top tips includes an 11th “bonus” item – and this time its from a blogger who’s name you might actually have heard.

Actually I will applaud these recommendations because they are about getting MORE out of LinkedIn, rather that merely getting started with it like so many I’ve come across (and in some cases mentioned here).

So have a look at Guy Kawasaki’s list How to Change the World: Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn, and whilst you’re there check out some of the categories on his blog – there’s a reason you’ve likely heard his name.

December 29, 2006

Cut to the chase

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I was drawn to the LifeHacker blog by their concept of “[recommending technologies] that actually save time. Don’t live to geek; geek to live”. Given my current drive to be more organised AND more productive (despite the contradictory forces involved, especially WHILST being innovative) I found the following article particularly relevant:
Lifehacker Book Preview, Chapter 8: Kickstart Your Productivity – Lifehacker

You can actually browse much of the content of their book by following the index they provide online, but I guess many people prefer to keep the serialised materials on blocks of paper in their pockets.

I thank Brydon Gilliss of http://shiftmode.com/ for opening my eyes to this great blog, as well as to the value of Bloglines. It is not JUST a handy online RSS client (ideal for hotdesktoppers like me) but also a neat way of being able to share your blogroll in a way that helps your blog readers understand where you are coming from.

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November 18, 2006

Use marketing copy because your resume will sell you

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I have decided to bin the old idea of a Curriculum Vitae (Latin for “the course of my career”) because there is no point in listing the jobs I have done and the responsibilities I have had. What I need to have now is a Résumé (French for summary), which summarises the benefits I can bring to a prospective client. 

I have been encouraged, by seeing award wining resume samples, that I can expand on the “introductory sentence or two”, and have chosen to go for the following structure:


November 15, 2006

More LinkedIn beginners tips

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Scott Allen shared this list of Top Ten Linked-In Do’s and Don’ts from Liz Ryan with fellow members of the LinkedInnovators group. Although I am still a novice mysef, these look like sensible ways to avoid setting off on the wrong foot.

He also blogrolled the following, and on a quick scan I’ve already found some useful tips in them:

November 9, 2006

CRM – first pass

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So the other thing I have done is to make my first step in trialing CRM (contact tracking) systems to trace my networking activities in a more relaible storage place than my sieve-like brain.

I have signed up for an account with JibberJobber.com, an online repository for noting contacts, their details, and the activities and interactions you have with them. I will be trying out various aspects of their service over the next few days, and hope to be able to give some feedback. However I can already say that the associated blog contains some well written articles and very interesting and relevant links. This prompts me to try and work out how I can add this to my own blogroll here. The irony is that I am probably more excited about bestowing this accolade than its recipient, Jason Alba, might care (“Great! A zero traffic site has linked to me – so?”). Still, I am sure that he would be grateful (if ever he discovered 😉 ).

November 6, 2006

Hosting a wiki

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Just in case anybody (including myself) ever asks me “where should go to host a new, free wiki?” there’s a comparitive review at http://pascal.vanhecke.info/2005/10/30/free-hosted-wikis-comparison-of-wiki-farms/. Ok, so it’s a year old already, but its a start. Thanks to Pascal van Hecke.

Pretty! Relevant?

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Whilst trying to understand a plethora of new concepts all at the same, I came across this bubble/mind-map that manages to cluster many of them together. Maybe a useful background to gaze at from time to time. 


Thanks to Markus Angermeier for publishing this.

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