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January 21, 2008

How LinkedIn helps you strengthen your network, even by chance

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Scott Allen recently wrote about the way he likes LinkedIn because it helps him make fortunate discoveries by accident – Serendipity, Or Why LinkedIn Really Works

I could not agree more about the way “chance” discoveries help me strengthen my network. And I think this is one of the great reasons to maintain a quality network of trusted business colleagues, rather than casually connecting with open-networking link seekers.

I feel I get a great deal of value for the time I spend “casually browsing” my own extended network. When I successfully connect to someone, I find it’s useful to peruse those people they have brought me as new second degree connections. And it’s often interesting to note who is adding new connections and occasionally who they are.

Its not just that I can develop a better understanding of the industries and markets (my current ones, and others). I actually develop a better understanding of who I know out there, what they are up to and how we are intertwined. Its like being able to see the wiring under the covers, and realising how it all comes together.

And of course spending time nurturing my network can only help it grow – in strength as well as numbers.


May 29, 2007

Realising the value – THE END of the beginning

On the 19th February my online business networking paid off.

Well, by the time the invoice got sorted it was much later than that, but the point is that an ex-colleague of an ex-colleague to asked meet me, then offered me a busy role that kind of didn’t allow time for learning to network.

Well, I have still carried on networking when feasible, but I have not had time for the luxury of researching and reporting on the topic. However I have learned so much by sharing this experience that I am determined to apply many of the publishing and marketing skills on something that is close enough to my day job to make it compatible and feasible


Look me up on




February 2, 2007

Pitching XING and LinkedIn head to head (round 1)

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So today was my first opportunity to do some comparative analysis between these two networking tools.

I received an invitation to a business seminar from a Xing emailgroup, and although you “don’t get ‘owt for nowt”, my up-front costs are a couple of hours one evening, so I decided to accept. I trust its not one where they lock the doors 😉 , so I’ll be free to leave if I feel uncomfortable, and I can just repeat the mantra “don’t sign anything” to ward off evil contracts. Anyhow, I digress, this event is also posted up in Xing which leads to some useful benefits for a virtual networker who is looking to try a little physical networking.

Of course in this first round of the match, you must bear in mind that my LinkedIn profile has many more connections than my Xing profile, but as you’ll see that might be symptomatic of how easy LinkedIn makes it to find your real-world connections.

January 7, 2007

More LinkedIn tips from innumerate experts

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Yet again the promise of ten top tips includes an 11th “bonus” item – and this time its from a blogger who’s name you might actually have heard.

Actually I will applaud these recommendations because they are about getting MORE out of LinkedIn, rather that merely getting started with it like so many I’ve come across (and in some cases mentioned here).

So have a look at Guy Kawasaki’s list How to Change the World: Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn, and whilst you’re there check out some of the categories on his blog – there’s a reason you’ve likely heard his name.

December 28, 2006

Who says “Cheaters never prosper”?

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Having learned plenty from LinkedIn related forums and groups, I thought I would investigate those more aligned to Xing (ex-OpenBC). As in all research this leads to many more page-impressions than to revelations, but it was worthwhile to come across the following gem.

I have come across many lists of networking tips, but this one is comprehensive and I relate to almost everything in it. Sacred Cow Dung: CHEATER’S GUIDE TO LINKEDIN v 0.1. Thanks to Christian Mayaud for sharing these with us (and to Vincent Wright for bringing it to my attention).

PS: I am still wavering over “open networking” (as opposed to my currently chosen path of quality connections only”) but perhaps I will reconsider as I try to use my connections for more specific purposes.

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November 21, 2006

Back under the lens

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So now that I have written a whole load of fantastic reasons why any sane manager would hire me on the spot, this megalomania has overflowed to the point where I am now happy to publish it to a FAR wider audience. I have made my LinkedIn profile public at http://www.linkedin.com/in/arthurmgallagher

Surely those of you out there with a sense of humour will get some kicks out of the fact that the meek, humble me from a couple a weeks ago was circumspect about ANY wider readership whatsoever, whereas the new devil-may-care self-absorbed king of a very little heap indeed is shouting his own praises merrily from the parapet.

Gosh, won’t it be embarassing for Mr Humblechops if New-super-dynamic-enlightened-positivism-man manages to get himself the job of his dreams! Still, Mr Humblechops will be happy to see that the mortgage will get paid at last!

November 17, 2006

Insider tips on LinkingIn for Jobs

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Konstantin Guericke is one of the senior management team at LinkedIn, and a regular voice on the My LinkedIn Power Forum group, so his best practices for using the service to look for jobs will be pretty authorititive.

You can them find them in this post to Ask Dave Taylor, and although I might not end up using all 12, they look like sound advice. And just in case you’re wavering about how to do your first job search, here is Dave’s step-by-step guide to searching for jobs with LinkedIn.

November 16, 2006

Broader connections whilst maintaining quality

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In the few invitations I have made so far, I felt the boilerplate messages were too impersonal, so I wrote my own, making the act of inviting the person to connect to me a network communication event in its own right.

A LinkedInnovator, Bruce Beswick,  posted to describe his own personal practices, where he takes this a step further. Rather than ignoring unsolicited invitations outright, or replying politely whilst declining for the time being like I have already done, he uses this as an opportunity to develop a new quality connection.


November 15, 2006

More LinkedIn beginners tips

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Scott Allen shared this list of Top Ten Linked-In Do’s and Don’ts from Liz Ryan with fellow members of the LinkedInnovators group. Although I am still a novice mysef, these look like sensible ways to avoid setting off on the wrong foot.

He also blogrolled the following, and on a quick scan I’ve already found some useful tips in them:

November 11, 2006

Questioning myself constructively

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So far I have been at a bit of a loss on how to market myself properly – I haven’t been able to get past that “traditional CV” view of my experience history. Well, just to prove to myself that networking IS intertwined with knowing-thy-self, I have had a mini revelation (well it was news to ME, even if it is obvious to you 😉 ).


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